Singing Along

As a Senior, I'm discovering the importance of growing additional neural pathways & synapses to keep the brain functioning at its best! Turns out kids are doing this daily as they learn & mature.
As for me(a a flutist), I've opted to grow my brain (& have fun) by learning piano using the very same Wagner curriculum the kids use. I've discovered that the 'glue' that hooks the memory of the song is the practice of learning the words & then singing along as I play. It's fun & helps to keep the rhythm steady as it engages the memory.
Some kids are reluctant & that's where you are invaluable/hugely significant. Right from the start, learn the words & sing along! The recordings help. So, swallow your pride & give it a go, doesn't matter if you have a good voice or not, your example is a bit of a 'soft sell' & gives your child the confidence boost they need.


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