We highly recommend Wagner’s School of Music! Both of our boys are in classes here and probably will be for a long time! Mr. Stephen has been so great for them. My oldest son is extremely shy, but super talented when it comes to music and playing piano has been his outlet and I love seeing him break out of his shell when he’s playing piano. My youngest son wants to play guitar one day, but we thought it would be better to start with piano first. He’s also doing very well and loves playing piano. I’m sure one day he will rock at strumming that guitar, but for now, he’s content with the piano. This school is amazing and we are really happy we found them!
-Stacy S.

Wagner's is the perfect place for kids to learn music. The environment is fun, the teachers are phenomenal, and every Christmas and Spring the kids participate in recitals. Hearing my kids perform beautiful music on stage is so rewarding. It's honestly become one of our fondest family traditions.

Our boys have been going here for years and will continue to do so. By learning piano first, they now easily learn new instruments. They both excel in clarinet and saxaphone and are first chairs in their middle school bands.  Learning the piano has helped them to appreciate and understand that with practice and dedication, improvements are made. Thank you Larry for having such a positive impact on my boys. - Sean M.

My daughter has been taking keyboard classes here for a year and a half. Terrific teacher, Mr. Brett. This music school is operated by an extremely dedicated family, the Wagners. I can't say enough good things about them! - Beth F.

Wagner's is fantastic! My boys have been attending for about 4 years, they love it! The group class teaching style works so well, the kids get accustomed to playing in front of others and it's a huge confidence builder. Mr. Brett is an excellent teacher and musician. The kids admire him, he is funny and has a great deal of patience. - Elizabeth W. 

Our 10 year old Son has been taking classes at Wagner's School of Music for 3.5 years. He LOVES it! His teacher, Mr. Brett is really great. The kids learn so much, and don't even realize that they are learning because it's so fun. Not only do they learn from the best lesson and theory books, but Mr. Brett teaches them their favorite pop songs. It keeps them completely engaged. We can also say, music has enhanced all other aspects of our Son's life. He has played and sang in front of hundreds of people with joy and confidence. We HIGHLY recommend it for other kids. Thank you Mr. Brett! Thank you Wagner's School of Music! - Aaron G

My son Jordan has been attending Wagner's School of Music since he was 7. He is now 12 and has gone from playing Hot Crossed Buns to pieces that are so beautiful that my husband and I have to go into the room to see if he has the pre-programed pieces playing on his piano! The Wagner method allows Jordan to build friendships and feel apart of a group. Also, my son who is very shy has sucessfully auditioned for the National Piano Guild for the past 3 years. This is a huge achievement that he will be able to use on his college application. - Dana G

"I would recommend going to Wagner's School of Music to learn piano because the teachers are very nice and they help you and they make it easy to learn."-Lila Halsey, 8 year old student in Mr. Brett's class

"Wagner's has been so great for my 8 and 6 year old children. Their class is fun and they encourage the kids to practice through rewards so I never have to nag. The group environment is awesome for taking off the pressure and making learning exciting."-Parent of two Wagner students

After 10 years with an excellent private teacher, I was reluctant to try "group" lessons. I was initially put off by the electric keyboards as well. Both of my concerns turned out to be unfounded. My 15-year old son thrives on the group dynamic ; he gets along with all the students and loves learning to "depend on them while they depend on me and how much I've practiced." Ms. Grace gives lots of personal attention and positive feedback to individual students. The keyboards have headphones that allow for "silent" practice and fine-tuning. I also appreciate the extremely professional recitals and opportunity to participate in the Guild where students show off what they've learned. All levels of students feel proud to share their gift of music, and that's what matters. Worth every penny! - Deirdre O 

Great place to learn piano for kids! I love that parents are able to sit in with the kids and learn along with them. They have recently updated the studio and website. All staff and teachers are amazingly talented and very friendly. My daughter has been taking piano lessons here for about 2 1/2 years and couldn't be happier with her progress. They also give sibling discount which is a plus and put together their own piano books which they use in class. This place is very passionate about music and teaching young kids! Mr. Brett is our current teacher and he ROCKS! - Ilene R

My daughter has been attending Wagner's School of Music for the last 2 years, and we love it. The classroom environment is welcoming, comfortable, and very conducive for children learning what is essentially a new language. Mr. Brett, my daughter's teacher, is fantastic; he is patient and has a gift for keeping the kids engaged. I highly recommend Wagner's School of Music for the foundation of your child's musical learning! - Jennifer K.

Such a great place to teach kids music. Kids have been learning here for over a year and they thoroughly love the group environment. No pressure on the kids to learn. My kids will be going here until they move out of the house ;) The Wagner Method is the way to learn! Thanks Mr. Brett. - Hien T.

My son Julius goes here for piano. He loves it! Mr. Brett is an awesome teacher. I love their music books, they use their own material. I would 100% recommend this school. - Eddie S.

Wagner's School of Music offers music programs for all ages and levels. The beginning piano program has been excellent for my granddaughter. The curriculum moves at a good pace, without overwhelming young learners. Theory is taught bit by bit, and reinforced with fun games. My granddaughter loves going every week. I'd really recommend this music school for anyone! - Mary K J 

Wagner's School of Music is really a great learning environment for young musicians. I started out there when I was 18 months and did the Kindermusik program. My parents said that I really enjoyed it (I don't remember much from those days haha). When I turned 5 my parents put me into the piano classes and that is when I really started to fall in love with music. What makes Wagner's so great is that you are with a group of kids of similar age and you start to make a lot of friends by going to class and It makes it a lot of fun. There is also the push to practice because you want to be caught up with everyone else in the class so you are always going at a solid pace. Going to Wagner's really turned the fun I had during class into a passion for the piano. I am now attending Berklee College of Music and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without the help from the teachers that I had at Wagner's. I had 4 different teachers during the time I spent at Wagners (about 15 years) and they were all fantastic! This is a great place for kids (or young adults) looking to get into music. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. - Matthew R.

I have two daughters that have been going to Wagner's School of Music a little over a year now. They have Ms. Grace and she is so kind and encouraging. The girls continue to improve in their skills and enjoy going to classes. It is so nice to hear them play the piano throughout the day without having to force them to sit down and practice. I would highly recommend anyone that is wanting to learn piano to try out Wagner's!!! - Betty H