From the Piano Guild Headquarters in Austin, TX - "Our primary function is to establish definite goals and awards--in noncompetitive auditions--for students of all levels. Teachers have the flexibility to choose all repertoire for student auditions. Students are judged on individual merit, by a well-qualified music professional, in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. Our purpose is to encourage growth and enjoyment through the study of piano."

Yearly auditions are held in over 850 US cities and several foreign countries. Students are adjudicated by an international panel of judges and receive report cards, certificates, and fraternity pins. Programs are diversified to meet the needs of both students and teachers. Programs are flexible and include repertoire as well as technical goals (musicianship phases). A variety of programs are available in which students can enroll.

  • The cost per year is $40 ($36 for siblings). Payment must be made online in order to secure your time slot.
  • Teachers will help the students pick the songs. When signing below, you pick a date and time convenient for your schedule and also enter the number of songs your child will play. 2 is the minimum, and these are usually selected from the student’s book from class.
  • On the day of the audition simply arrive 10 minutes early and let the student warm up on a piano.
  • You will be able to see your child play through the french doors in the waiting area but won’t go into the audition with them.
  • The kids always pass! They will receive a certificate, a pin and a report card. The Auditioner is a teacher who is kind and encouraging. The purpose of the Guild is to encourage and support the parents and teachers in motivating the students toward goal setting and continued growth.


June 27, 28, 29
July 2, 3, 5

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