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2019 guild dates:
JUNE 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 28

All students beyond Book 4 of the Wagner Books, play in the National Piano Guild auditions once a year. Everyone who has participated in the past has their picture on the wall at the studio. Guild has been a huge boost over the last 21 years. It is low key. All the students who at first were a bit afraid come out feeling great and proud of their experience. Although we call it an audition, because of its nature, this experience is all about the self-competition from year to year and creates a setting where the kids feel a personal connection to their music. They find that having the ability to play piano has meaning beyond the small classroom setting. The judge is a teacher, just like yours, and is very encouraging and supportive. The audition lasts about 15 minutes. Yearly auditions are held in over 850 US cities and several foreign countries. Your site is at Greene Music in Mira Mesa. Students are heard by an international Guild Representative and will receive an encouraging report card, a certificate of acceptance into the National Piano Guild (All Wagner's Students will be accepted), a fraternity pin to wear, and as mentioned, their picture is placed on the wall at the studio along with their peers. Every year, students play at their personal highest level for continued growth. Programs are diversified to meet the needs of both students and teachers. Programs are flexible and include repertoire as well as technical goals (musicianship phases). Students of all levels may perform anywhere from 2 to 6 pieces! Students in the Faber series generally play from their current Wagner class book.

Please sign up online (Link below) for a first come first served June date-and-time.  Please sign up for one 15-minute slot per child. The deadline for signups is April 1st, but you should do it now!