The initial registration and materials fee of $50.00 for the first child and $40.00 for each concurrently enrolled sibling is paid only once and is non-refundable. This fee is included along with tuition as listed in the next paragraph. This will reserve your spot in the class. Except for the Piano Discovery class which only last twelve weeks, there is an additional fee for all other on-going class tuitions as described below, and for a new book every 4-5 months (approximately $12.00).

Tuition is $98.00 per month and $78.00 per month for each concurrently enrolled sibling, regardless of the number of lessons. Although this is based on a 4-week month, on occasion there will be a 5th week, and on rare occasions, only 3.

Tuition is charged automatically on the 3rd day of each month, via debit or credit card. To keep your child enrolled in their class, please remember to contact us if/when changes are made to your debit/credit card number.

Wagner’s School of Music has a unique curriculum that allows for many years of ongoing study. However, parents may withdraw their child at any time with a 30-Day written notice to the office. Teacher notification is not acceptable.
Cancellation requests submitted in writing will result in a final payment drawn from your debit/credit card on the 3rd of the month. Once final payment has been made, your child will have 30 days from the day of your written notice to attend classes. There will be no refund once payment has been drawn.

2 weeks for Winter Break / 1 week for Spring Break / Thanksgiving Weekend : Thursday – Sunday / Labor Day / 4th of July / Memorial Day (no other Monday holidays are taken off as this could cause the Monday classes to fall behind the other classes)

Students are allowed a two-week vacation credit per year. If you notify the office (info@wagnersmusic.com) of an upcoming vacation at least 30 days prior to your vacation, you will not be charged for up to 2 classes missed.
There is no refund for classes missed due to illness, scheduling conflicts, etc.; however, we have a generous make-up policy. To find a possible make-up time with a class at the same level, please refer to our class schedule that is posted on the office bulletin board.